Video & resultat från Vans Pool Party

I helgens Vans Pool Party vann Tom Schaar pro-klassen, Chris Miller legends-klassen och Sandro Dias Masters-klassen. I legends-klassen fick vi även se svenske legendaren Tony Magnusson kamma hem åttonde platsen. Spana in resultaten och flera edits med höjdpunkter från denna klassiska och ösiga pooltävling.


The raucous crowds that filled the legendary Combi Pool arena for the 14 annual Vans Pool Party were treated to another sizzling skateboarding performance by the winningest skater in Pool Party history, Chris Miller. Miller left the coping ablaze with a score of 93.00, leaving no debate on who deserved the 2018 Legends crown. Chris delivered a flawless run laced with his patented fluid style that has been his calling card ever since stepping on a skateboard in 1978 to earn his 10th title. Eric Nash and Steve Caballero rounded out top honors with Nash scoring 91.33 and Cab 90.67. Vans’ newest family member and last year’s champion, Tom Schaar, dominated the Pros division from the very first heat, easing into his third Pool Party title. With a mental combination of switch lip tricks and airs up in the rafters, Schaar forced the rest of the pack to compete for second place all evening. Vans riders Cory Juneau and Chris Russell, hammered their way into the top 3 with Juneau sliding mile-long front boards in the deep and The Muscle smashing everything to disaster falling just short of Schaar with solid scores of 94.33 and 93.33 for Russell.

PS! Fler klipp med höjdpunkter i alla klasser ser du nedan. Plus via Vans Youtube kan du även se alla enskilda topp 3 åk och hela livesändningen i repris.

1. Tom Schaar
2. Cory Juneau
3. Chris Russell

1. Chris Miller
2. Eric Nash
3. Steve Caballero

1. Sandro Dias
2. Andy Macdonald
3. Chad Shetler

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