Vans Nordic x Vans Holland – Stroopwaffle Tour

Tidigare i år slog sig det nordiska Vans teametihop med Vans teamet i Nederländerna för en gemensam tour. Spana in videoediten med rippande från bland andra Aron Buzas, Daniel Wårdh och Björn Lillesöe.


Åkare: Daniel Wårdh, Aron Buzas, Nikolai Allin, Björn Lillesöe, Nick Bax, Bert Roeterdink, Lex Van Der Doe & Sebastiaan Vijverberg
Film & redigering: Marc Bolhuis
Foto: Justus Hirvi

One of the best parts in skateboarding is, as everyone knows, the feeling that you have friends worldwide just because you’re a skater. No matter where you go, basically, if you have a board and willingness to shred, there’s always someone who shares that passion and is down for a session. That is simply amazing and has something to do with the Stroopwaffle-tour that happened early this summer in the Netherlands by Vans teams from Nordic (Finland, Sweden & Denmark) and the Netherlands.

PS! Spana in ett gäng foton och läs hela storyn här .

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