Tom Pennys legendariska 360 Flip – En ögonvittnesskildring från Magnus Gyllenberg

Transworld Magazine har startat en ny serie där en story berättas om legendariska trick som aldrig fastnat på film. Först ut är ingen mindre än Sveriges Skateboardförbunds ordförande Magnus Gyllenberg som fastnat i bakgrunden på fotot av Tom Pennys legendariska 360 flip i Christiania-bowlen, 1998, som för den delen även fotades av svenske Jesper Nilsson. Här får vi hela historien om dagen, fotot och tricket.


The guy who took this photo is Jesper Nilsson and at the time I was the editor-in-chief of the Swedish skate magazine Funsport Skateboard. Jesper was turning into the senior photographer at the time and we did a lot of traveling together.

This was at the time when Tom Penny had gone from being the most popular hyped skater in the industry, seen in mags and videos all the time—to almost totally disappearing from the media.

That day at Christiana, he was skating so good it was ridiculous. Jesper brought out his camera gear almost immediately and shot the photos pretty fast. There were not many tries, only a few as I remember it. The guy is such a natural it’s insane. That roll in he’s skating is no joke. It’s a gnarly place to do those tricks, and the way he did them it was hard to comprehend. I’m not sure if he even noticed Jesper shooting. Jesper got two great photos—the 360 flip for the éS ad and a frontside flip that I don’t remember if it showed up somewhere.

Läs hela storyn på Transworld Magazine.

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