The L.A River – Its Cold In Norway Tour

L.A River med bland andra Tobias Himmelstrup, Jessi Blackwell och Øivind Fykse bjuder upp med lite härligt shreddande från norska Vierli.


Åkare: Tobias Himmelstrup, Jessi Blackwell, Birkir Georgsson, Haakon Eilertsen, Rasmus Nielsen, Eirik Nesse & Øivind Fykse
Filmare: Andreas Jacobsen aka. Shredmaster
Redigering: Rasmus Nielsen aka. JAHLIFE

 When the Gang is not gathered for THE L.A RIVER FUCK MY LIVER time, we have the FAMILYFIGHT ! The combo of Games, shred time, who having the most fun and fights over who din´t do the fucking Dishes, ore some other wack shit. We had the pleasure to ride a park made by the best of the best in the buizz, SHAPECREW at Vierli Terrengpark, Norway. It was a super good time, and we recommend that place with 5 big stars.

PS! Inom kort kommer L.A River även att släppa en street-edit från samma tour…

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