The Los Angeles River crewet har senaste tiden haft en riktig trevlig teamgathering i Oslo Vinterpark och Tiril-parken i Geilo. Allt för att kicka igång deras nya märke The L.A River EU som utlovar mer kläder, mer snowboardåkning, mer fester och fler Familyfights. Spana in deras film från dessa sessions med härlig vårshreddande.


Åkare: Øivind Fykse, Eirik Nesse, Cees Wille, Artem Smolin, Simon Houlind, Jessi Blackwell, Marius Schafferer, Tobias Himmelstrup, Len Jørgensen, Sivert Huse, Andrew Metzger, Sune Busch &Brage Richenberg

THE L.A RIVER FAMILYFIGHT01 Is one of many fights to come, the Familyfight01 was made to kick off the newly established part of the The L.A River Brand.
The L.A River EU, for them RIDERS!

More Clothing, more Snowboarding, more parties and more Familyfights is what The L.A River EU will guarantee for the future.

The first FamilyFight took place in one of The L.A River’s main sources for best friends and most fun, The Norway Land. Expensive shit, hard to come around, but it still got it all.

We went from a private session at the 2016 X-Games super pipe, located at Oslo Vinterpark, just 20 minutes from the capital of Norway.
Had a private park for to days, with the team crashing right next to it.
Then we went to the unique hills deep into the Norway wilderness, had the first dip in the water this year.
Before arriving to Geilo Springsession 2017 at Tiril Parken, with a super creative set-up from top chair to bottom. Were we lucky to have 20 minutes in the morning for our self to shoot the intro line.
Big tricks, creative lines, BBQ, snake hunting, late night session around the fire, parking lot parties, and FIVE-O recommendations is just a fraction of what went down at The L.A River FamilyFight.

A super sick gathering with the best team, that got topped off with a skate session and sightseeing in Oslo before people went back to their comfy zone for some rehabilitation from FUN.

Greetings from THE L.A RIVER GANG to our partners through the FamilyFight. @sunndalbilutleie #Sunndalbilutleie @soundboks #SOUNDBOKS @tirilparken #springsesh2017 @oslo_vinterpark @oslo_parken #byensbesteutested

Music by the best – Trainspotters…
Songs – 82 Bars at Splash! – FTP – Take a Hit

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