Teaser: Pertiment Project

Här spanar vi in längre teaser för Fagner Pareiras fullängdsfilm Pertiment Project som filmats under flera år i 12 länder och 23 städer världen över. Åkare vi ser är bland andra William Damascena, Bruno Mendes och Hudson da Paz. Kort och gott Brasilianare som kör för svenska TipTechnology/ProSK8-märkena. Vi ser även lite material från just Sverige.


Åkare: William Damascena, Bruno Mendes, Hudson da Paz, Gabriel Loureiro, Rafael Alves plus Viktor Castro, Wilson Barros & Fagner Pereira
Film & redigering: Fagner Pereira

Before watching this movie make sure you have time, you are patience and specially that your mind is set free.
A film project telling the skateboarders life, their dedication, their strength to survive and their adventures. This movie will tell a history of the amateurs skateboarders Bruno Mendes, Hudson da Paz, Gabriel Loureiro, Rafael Alves and the professional skateboarder William Damascena.

I thank everyone that was a part of this journey, everyone that was helping on filming and sending the riders footage. I hope this movie can inspire other people to make their dreams come true, I have mixed my passion for filming and traveling together on this project. Few years in Europe made me travel to different countries and meet different people along the way.
Since I first started to skateboarding back in 2003, I was amazed with all videos and story tellers that I had the opportunity to get to know few years after, that´s why I started to film skateboarding back in the days, beggining 2012 I came true with this project called, Pertiment. The movie was recorded on 12 different countries and 23 different cities, more than 8.000 kilometers drove on many roads across Europe, South America and North America, through skateboard 31 plane tickets helped to catch amazing memories.
This movie is dedicated to all skateboarders out there, trying to make their living, working hard on their own passions, sharing their happiness and most important giving it back to younger generations the benefits of being a skateboarder.

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