Tampa Pro 2018 – Finaldagen

Här har det blivit dags att spana in höjdpunkter från semifinalen och finalen av årets Tampa Pro. Här ser vi även svenske Oskar Rozenberg Hallberg som tog sig till semifinalen.


Filmare: Frank Branca & Tim Koster

With $20,000 on the line along with a pass to the 2017 SLS Pro Open, AND a spot in the Tampa Pro Semi Finals for life, the best skaters in the world went HAM on the SPoT course, and we all had a damn good time watching it go down. Here’s what it looked like.

With the ink still wet on Jagger Eaton’s Pro contract, the former Tampa Am winner went all out and won his first Tampa Pro. Here’s the run that made it happen.

80 Skaters from Russia, Belgium, Norway, Brazil and a slew of other countries descend on SPoT for Qualifiers. Manny Santiago and Yuto Horigome come out on top.

The world’s best pros make their annual pilgrimage to SPoT for Tampa Pro, the most legendary skate contest in history. Let the good times roll!

PS! Har du abbonemang på www.etnlive.com kan du även där se repris av hela livesändningen från hela helgens tävlingar.

1. Jagger Eaton, USA,
2. Felipe Gustavo, BRA
3. Ryan Decenzo, CAN
4. TJ Rogers, CAN
5. Louie Lopez, USA
6. Manny Santiago, PRI
7. Zion Wright, USA
8. Kelvin Hoefler, BRA
9. Axel Cruysberhs, BEL
10. Yuto Horigome, JPN
11. Luan Oliveira, BRA
12. Alex Midler, USA

MOB G For Effort Award: Mason Silva
Bronson Speed Killer Award: Milton Martinez
Boards For Bros Award: Manny Santiago

Independent Best Trick:
1. Jamie Foy, USA, Bigspin Front Blunt Bigspin Out
2. Sewa Kroetkov, NED, Bigspin Flip Bs Tail Shoveit
3. Yuri Facchini, BRA, Nollie Heel Bigspin Bs Tail
4. Felipe Gustavo, BRA, Switch Hardflip Bs Tail
5. Adrien Bulard, FRA, Crooked Nollie Late Flip

Converse Concrete Jam:
1. Trey Wood, USA
2. Cody Lockwood, USA
3. Zion Wright, USA
4. Ben Hatchell, USA
5. Tom Remillard, USA

Converse Concrete Best Trick:
1. Marlon Silva, BRA, Kickflip Bs Tail över “keyhole”

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