Sven Thorgren – Stubai 2.0

Spana in en liten edit med Sven Thorgren från när han var och shreddade loss nere i österriska Stubai nyligen.


Åkare: Sven Thorgren
Filmare: Prime Park Crew & Theo Acworth
Redigering: Sven Thorgren

Short edit from Stubai! Didn’t have a filmer with me but managed to get sick shots from the prime park dudes. Probably the most fun I’ve had snowboarding in a very long time. I’m still learning editing wise… Hope it’s not too bad!

Åkare: Sven Thorgren, Abbe Hjellström, Knut Eliasen & Torgeir Bergrem
Filmare: Abbe Hjellström & Spencer Whiting
Redigering: Sven Thorgren

Still slow at editing but here we go! Hoping to make more Youtube videos in the future so stay tuned yaall. This trip was one of the best I had to NZ & OZ. Thanks to Abbe for all the filming. /Sven



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