Spotcheck: Klabböle-Rännan i Umeå

Har du undrat hur man hittar till det smarriga och verkligen unika skatespotet Klabböle-rännan utanför Umeå? Här guidar Daniel Palen Eriksson dig till rännan tillsammans med Joakim Rydén och ger sig ut på en liten session.


Åkare: Daniel Palen Eriksson & Joakim Rydén

Before you read, Subscribe to Nightspeeds. he walked 3 days in the woods for your subscription! This is a accurate and in deph explenation on how to find the spot, the legendary steel pipe that blesses the swedish wilderness with its precense! I wresteled a bear to get there! And yes, these are the best tricks ever made in the spot, and everything about this video is 100% serious! I encourage all of you, each and every one to go out skate, and have a wonderful day!

Skating here was a dream come true! The endless half pipe in Umeå, is the sickest, craziest and most amazing street spot I have ever skated! Possibly one of the coolest spots on earth! No doubt about it.. We also give you a little tour and show this awesome amazing spot, and go on a fun hike in the beautiful nature 🙂



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