Sour Skateboards – Instagram Killed The Video Star

Från ingenstans dök den upp! Ännu ett fullängds-alster från Sour Skateboards, denna gång ett remix-samarbete med Jenkem Magazine där vi bjuds 23 minuter smarrigt material med bland andra Albert Nyberg, Josef Scott, Nisse Ingemarsson, Erik J Pettersson, Daniel Spängs, Martin Sandberg, Simon Isaksson och Koffe Hallgren.


Åkare: Koffe Hallgren, Martin Sandberg, Barney Page, Simon Isaksson, Albert Nyberg, Josef Scott Jatta, Daniel Spängs, Jonathan Lomar, Johan Peetso, Wes Kremer, Tyler Surrey, Oscar Candon, Carlos Zarazua, John Romo, Erik J Pettersson, Ulph Andersson, Nisse Ingemarsson, Gustav Tønnesen & Tormod Tønnesen
Redigering: Jonathan Lomar

As Americans we love to think the world revolves around us. Yup, it’s just the truth and sometimes it takes us a fat second to catch on to something that’s not sitting right in our big backyard. Case and Point: Sour Skateboards. The Euro crew is everything we enjoy about skateboarding (and one of the biggest brands overseas) but only now are we getting around to highlighting some of their talented buffoonery.

To bring our lazy asses up to speed, we hit them up and they put together Instagram Killed The Video Star – a Sour Skateboard’s megamix of Instagram footy, hijinx, dork tricks, and stoned thoughts, filmed across all sorts of sketchy recording devices. The Scandinavian skate wizards stationed in Spain encapsulate everything that has made us stay in love with skateboarding well into our adulthood.
/Jenkem Mag

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