Snowboardpodden: Eddie Wall

Joel Söderström och Snowboardpodden är tillbaks med ett nytt avsnitt. Denna gången har man gett sig ut på internationell snö och tagit sig ett snack med det föredetta snowboardproffset Eddie Wall som numer har en egen show på Transworld Snowboarding.


So, the international premiere for Snowboardpodden is here! …and what a premiere it is! In this special episode me, my wife Sanny and Eddie sit down at Eddies house in LA with a couple of beers and talk about trips, life in general, the reality of what happens when the career ends, the way back into the snowboarding scene, Eddies own show on TransWorld Snowboarding, the inspiring story of a kid who just had his mind set on the goal from day one, and much, much more. We had a really good time hanging out at Eddies, and I hope you enjoy the episode as much as we did recording it!


Snowboardpodden är en pod om människors liv i sidled på snowboarden av Joel Söderström.


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