Snackbreak for FSA: Rusko

Finländska snowboardförbundet har teamet upp med crewet Snackbreak inför en tävlingsserie för att främja och hylla snowboardkulturen på gräsrotsnivå. Det första eventet ägde rum i Ruskotunturi och här ser vi en edit från en dag fylld med grymt shreddande.


Åkare: Joona Saikkonen, Tommi Ollikainen, Roope Höynä, Miika Lappalainen, Petrus Saikkonen, Joonas Eloranta & Henri-Petteri Laakkonen

Film & redigerig: Tommi Ollikainen / Snackbreak prod.
Övriga filmare: Joonas Eloranta & Lauri Valonen
Event production: FSA

We are organising #parkkisessarit events in seven Finnish ski resorts to lap the parks with the locals, to connect new and old faces together and to enjoy snowboarding in its purest form of having fun.

Finland is known for its good terrain parks and even better riders, some older, some younger, but each one deserves the spotlight for keeping the spirit strong by riding the local ski resort all day, every day.

We teamed up with the film crew Snackbreak to create something unique in the celebration of the Finnish grassroots snowboarding culture. Snackbreak is joining us to host three #parkkisessarit events in less known ski resorts. They are filming together with the local heroes to capture the feeling described above. At the end of each event, they will also give a free interactive video workshop for anyone interested in filming and editing videos.

The first one of these events took place at Ruskotunturi in Oulu. We hope that this video produced by Snackbreak encourages you to go out and explore the creative approaches your local park has to offer.

Thank you Ruskotunturi for having us.

This is Finnish snowboarding.

Lumilautaliitto X Snackbreak

You can join us at free #parkkisessarit events at:
Laajis, Jyväskylä. 18.2.
Mielakka, Kouvola. 25.2.
Sveitsin hiihtokeskus, Hyvinkää. 4.3.
Kasurila, Siilinjärvi. 25.3.
Pyhätunturi. 21.4.

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