Simon Isaksson pro för Sour

Simon Isaksson är Sour Skateboards senaste pro och här bjuds vi genom Jenkem Mag på en liten videopresentation och intervju med denna kreativa själ.


Åkare: Simon Isaksson

When I learned we would be conducting the interview over email, I was relieved. I could hide my American megalomania behind silly questions and try to make him seem like the Swedish weirdo. Well, lucky for me, Simon was happy to play into my tomfoolery.

He was also generous enough to send us a “documentary” about his life as an influential European pro skateboarder.

After finishing our e-interview, I’m convinced Simon is a jolly, well-endowed fella, and more importantly, I’m confident in my expert knowledge on all things Swedish. The American wins again!

PS! Läs hela intervjun på Jenkem Mag!

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