Samuel Norgren med flera i Vacation

Spana in en härlig sommaredit från Leon Rudolph månadslånga reseäventyr där vi ser bland andra Samuel Norgren och en hel del material från Malmö.


Åkare: Hyun Kummer, Julian Ruhe, Ville Wester, Santiago Sasson, Samuel Norgren, Nils Brauer, Tjark Thielker, Daniel Pannemann, Peter Buikema, Conny Mirbach, Kalle Wiehn & Moritz Alte
Film & redigering: Leon Rudolph

It is hard to understate how involved we were in the making of this video, all our staff has tricks except Danny Sommerfeld who was hurt. Some of this video was even filmed on Place trips, a lot was documented on other trips but all of it was shot during Leon Rudolph’s holiday.

The end reslut makes you wonder what he could do if he filmed full time. / Place Skateboard Culture



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