Rough Cut: Didrik “Deedz” Galasso – Panda Patrol

Du missade väl inte Didrik Galassos helt galna fullpart Panda Patrol nyligen? Här bjuds vi nu på en 10-minuters Rough Cut edit.


Åkare: Didrik “Deedz” Galasso

Deedz is one of a kind, wielding his own style and approach to skating. He’s a blast to watch. Enjoi…

Åkare: Didrik Galasso plus Caswell Berry, Miika Adamov, Nestor Judkins, Jose Rojo, Enzo Cautela, Ben Raemers, Jackson Pilz, Zack Wallin, Clark Hassler, Louie Barletta & Thaynan Costa

Didrik Galasso has a full part in episode one of enjoi’s Panda Patrol, but all the homies get some before Deedz takes the stage. Warning: do not watch this video if you’re a fan of fun, friendship and/or good skating. This is a hell of a way to kick off the weekend!

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