Roadtrip genom Europa

Sebastian Wallin, August Rogland och Aron Bergdahl tillbringade juli månad genom att göra en liten skateroadtrip genom Europa. Här bjuds vi på en video från en resa som verkar ha innehållet en hel del missöden.


Åkare: August Rogland, Sebastian Wallin & Aron Bergdahl

We went through Europe with a huge van in July 2017. August was pretty much messed up during the whole trip with a nasty whole-body infection plus he ended up with a rolled ankle during our last night in France. The waves were basically shit during most of the days in France as well, but what to do? Hey, one more thing while describing our bad luck. The rental van got spray painted over the whole side while being parked in Berlin. Other than these things the trip was great!



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