Refugee Skateboard School – Boarders vs Borders


I´ts a human right. No matter where you are. Its a human right to feel the air. To be free. To be weightless.To jump any obstacle. A fence, concrete, a wall, steel, metal, barbed wire. Anything to cross a borders
Fuck gravity, that pushes you down. Fuck nationality, that pushes you back. We hate borders. We´re skateboarders. We are people, We are friends. Right here. Right now. Together. We are boarders agains borders.
We concentrate to the max to nail a trick. We forget everything around us. We focus on one thing. To do that jump. To beat that border. And we will keep trying, and trying and trying. Until we fly!
So no matter if you’re dark or pale, boy or a girl, roots and religion. We dont hate, We just skate.
Welcome to Refugee Skateboard School!

Var och när: Actionhallen, vid Backaplan, Backavägen 6, Göteborg. Varje lördag, klockan 11.00-13.00.

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