Poetic Collective i Budapest

Poetic Collective har varit i Budapest i Ungern och skatat och gjort ett intressant reportage med arkitekten Gergő Hory om skateboard och hur det offentliga rummet kan utnyttjas på andra sätt än tänkt.


Video, redigering, intervju & text: Paul Botwid
Illustrationer: Tom Botwid

Everything around us is designed. Someone, some time figured out what it is going to look like, how it is going to work and where it is going to be put. Everything is there for a reason, everything has a purpose.

But what if we start reimagining the purpose of our surroundings? What is the role of the architect if we start using the objects around us differently than what was intended?

Läs hela artikeln på: placeskateboarding.de/poetic-collective-budapest

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