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Strax före jul släppte Place sin Malmö-video som du även kunnat se här på Tacky. Här bjuds vi nu på en edit med bakom kulisserna material för videon som blev verklighet till stor del tack vare stor beundran över bröderna Mortensens kreativa sida på brädan.


Medverkande: Amandus Mortensen, Danijel Stankovic, Elias Mensi, Koffe Hallgren, Samuel Norgren, Santiago Sasson, Sarah Meurle, Sondre Mortensen, Tom Botwid & Ville Wester med flera

A big part of the reason we came to make the Malmö issue where the two Mortensen Brothers Sondre and Amandus. We watched all of their edits and like DRIV3R, where one of the brother’s drives and films while the other one skates, it shows a good example how things are in the life of a Mortensen. They were just different, they seemed to be doing their own thing and it made me very curious. I wanted to know what kind of people they are. So, I started to ask people about them.

PS! Läs hela storyn här!

Åkare: Daniel “Jugga” Stankovic, Sondre Mortensen, Amandus Mortensen, Ville Wester, Elias Mensi, Samuel Norgren, John Dahlquist, Santiago Sasson, Tom Botwid, Koffe Hallgren & Sarah Meurle
Film & redigering: Leon Rudolph

Welcome to Malmö: a seaport type of city. It’s the third city in Sweden but the first when it comes to riding a skateboard and it basically morphed into it because of its inhabitants. They are proud of their city and rightfully so.”Some spots only become a spot once somebody manages to do a trick on them.” Danijel “Jugga” Stankovic said, looking at Sondre & Amandus Mortensen. We proudly present to you this film by Leon Rudolph.

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