Olof Thalberg Adegran tackar för sig – KSC Retrospective

Familelivet kallar och dags att släppa fram dagens yngre rippers tycker Olof Thalberg Adegran och tackar för sig och tiden på Kaleidoscope med en fullpart fylld med tillbakablickar på åren som gått.


Åkare: Olof Thalberg Adegran

All Scooped up! 
OFTA’s Retrospect in Kaleidoyears.

This video is a ode to my dear friends at Kaleidoscope skateboards. Here is how it happened.

In late summer of 2010 Kaleidoscope’s founder and owner PJ Gustafsson came to Lund for Gastefestivalen. One of his team riders at the time, Tom Botwid, was a big time GASTE local.
That night PJ saw some interesting characters ripping. The JÄS UNIT master John Österlind, the extrovert J-Pack and O.F.T.A. all joined Tom at KSC. That fall they filmed Psycadelica, a now gone first video.

The KSC team grew and recruited more of the JÄS UNIT. Olof Hörnesten, Michael Jönsson got on and the next year they all camped out at Betongcupen and lit up the night of a otherwise quite sleepy Falkenberg.

Then there was The Freewheelin’ wheel Co., XL Welton, Slomo, Pennan and bigger video was demanded for. During 2012 everyone put their heart and soul in what became LUMA, filmed and edited by Martin Hallberg who set the new standard for KSC videos. The premier was held at the afterparty for Ultrabowl in Malmö and put KSC as the number one swedish company (multimillion backed non-core “Sugar” doesn’t count).

When not studying medicin, Mr Hallberg took care of the high-profiled edits, amongst welcoming the legendary Benhög and a tour in the Swiss Alps and various other clips.
In their shadows I began to put out some more raw DIY-feeling videos, paying tribute to the Triangle.

After leaving the team right before LUMA Tom went his own way. After a bit of hibernation he did some hectic mixtapes and pressed a batch of boards, but still took time to film clips with me.

Then there was the Danne Grönwall-era. He was and still is ridiculously good at riding a skateboard.

As time went by, some of the other team members move to other citys and sponsors while the brand expanded to other countries around Europe, still staying close to home. Kris Markovich saw KSC and was stoked, maybe hoping for US connection.

Soon after PJ regained Hörnesten and Grönwall who was elsewhere for a minute and a bunch of other high profile swedish skaters.

Today big timers Foppa and Pirkka Pollari are on the team and Örebro and Stockholm has became the base of operations.

I personally feel that it’s my responsibility to say thank you for this wonderful time.

No one ever said what I should do to get a good deal and some goods in the Malmö bound shipping boxes. Being sponsored of any sort means representing and being seen shredding the product. So I did happily but now it’s time for me to step off.

Huge thanks to everyone involved, especially Tom, Johannes and PJ.
You are THE BEST!

Cheers from Loffe, not-so-known-flow-brow 2011-2017

PS. I do own more than KSC and Thrasher hoodies and might wear one on video in the future. No promises though. DS

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