Nicholas Müller – RadChef Show #2

I det andra avsnittet av RadChef Show får vi följa med till Riksgränsen och se härligt pudershreddande från Nicholas Müller under förra årets King of the Hill reunion. Varefter det bär iväg till köket för tillredning av en spännande 7-rätters middag.


Åkare: Nicholas Müller
Victor De Ciria
Producent: Marika Borg
Victor De Ciria
Övriga filmare:
Absinthe Films, Martin Luchsinger & Sean Fee
Victor De Ciria & Javier Utasa   

Nicolas and I was talking over the phone when and where to meet to have him invited as our next Rad Chef. His schedule is packed, therefore we had one chance to catch him in Riksgränsen for the 20 years reunion The King of Hill.

It was a challenge because many things going on at the same time. Finishing his new movie Fruition, the Banked slalom event and the Memorial of Craig Kelly. We rode so much that we had to make it happen at the last day after all was finished.

Nico’s high ambitions for his task as the Rad Chef was a big challenge. He got free hands to invite his dinner guests and it ended up being 13 friends with Ingemar Backman as a special honour guest. We started cooking a Raclette cheese on the rocks in the backcountry, with a beautiful run down in the Nordic sunlight.

/Peter Ström

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