Mika Edin – Unconditional live for skateboarding!

Mika Edin delar med sig av några visdomsord och en liten minipart med minirampsrippande från norsk mark.


Åkare: Mika Edin
Kimmen Edin, soundcloud.com/kimmen

I used to be so rigidly attached to skateboarding that I thought I would die if my skateboard was taken away from Me! And some years ago I got really sick so I couldn’t ride my skateboard at all for a few years. But I didn’t die Just because I couldn’t ride my skateboard anymore as I thought. In fact that was the best thing that has ever happened to me because it made me realize that our happiness is not dependent on if we get what we want in life or not:) You are not happy because you have the perfect partner or lots of money. Peace and happiness is our inherent natural state of being and our only task is to observe whatever it is that sometimes disturbs that peace & happiness:).



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