Mika Edin – Clowneri & bentwistande

Vad gör man när kreativiteten är slut och tricken är för lätta? Spana in när Mika Edin tar sig några åk i Åres miniramp och twistar till det som aldrig förr.


Åkare: Mika Edin

To be a clown is easier than to be a real serious comedian??and to do goofy clown-like tricks is the least creative way of skateboarding for me. It is something I end up doing at times when I have no fantasy or creativity left inside me?. For me creativity is to create something new, and not to do a goofy variation of something that has been done a 1000 times before?. But I really admire the very few clowns that actually are funny or enjoyable to watch, because it takes a lot to get away with that and I’m certainly not one of them?. Anyway, I must admit that it is a lot of fun to be a clown sometimes ? ❤

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