Method Movie – Kiruna Cruisin’

Vi har tidigare kunnat se Method Mags fullängdsfilm, har du missat den kan du här avnjuta delen med Ludwig Lejkner, Jonathan Lindhe, Ethan Morgan och Roope Tonteri från när de shreddade loss på gatorna i Kiruna i mars förra året.



When it comes to snowboarding destinations, it doesn’t get much grittier than Kiruna. The northernmost town in Sweden, this is a place where winter temperatures are regularly -20°C and snow coats the place like white concrete. It’s a place that’s rarely visited by anyone besides the miners who come to extract iron ore in its vast pits – and the occasional snowboarder in search of unconquered urban structures.

Last March Ludde and Jonte were joined by Roope and Ethan on a rail trip more North than most. When you venture this far north, things have a tendency to get a little weird, especially when these guys are involved, and this mission to the Arctic Circle was no exception.

method-movie-playerÅkare: Antti Jussila, Max Zebe, Jye Kearney, Levi Luggen, Simon Pircher, Eero Ettala, Nils Arvidsson, Jonathan Lindhe, Ludwig Lejkner, Roope Tonteri, Janne Lipsanen, Flo Corzelius & Ethan Morgan

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