Masher: Mash Up med bland andra Kalle Berglind

Chris Gregson har snott ihop en ösig edit fylld med trannyslaktande från en drös med åkare. Vi ser Kalle Berglind tillsammans med bland andra Greyson Fletcher, Collin Provost, CJ Collins och Omar Hassan.


Åkare: Kalle Berglind, Greyson Fletcher, Josh Borden, Omar Hassan, Jerry Gurney, Erick Winkowski, Tom Schaar, CJ Collins, Roman Pabich, Cedric Pabich, Kevin Kowalski, Andy Adams, Dan Drehobl, Ronnie Sandoval, Willis Kimbel, Alex Sorgente, Patrick Ryan, Anakin Senn, Collin Provost, Taylor Kirby & Jacob Nunez
Redigering: Chris Gregson

These edits are so sick. You never know what the next clip will be as you take quantum leaps between different terrain and various skaters. Featuring too many names to mention here.



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