Locallife Photography – Roadtrip till Norge

Östersundsbaserade Locallife Photography är tillbaks med en ny edit. Denna gång får vil följa med Kalle Modén, Johannes Gustafsson, Magnus Hellström och Martin Ölveby till Norge där man besöker Trikkestallen i Trondheim och betongparken i Stjørdal.


Åkare: Kalle Modén, Johannes Gustafsson & Magnus Hellström
Film & redigering: Martin Ölveby

Last year we went on a trip to Norway and skated an indoor skatepark in Trondheim called Trikkestallen. But before we arrived to Trondheim we decided to stop by in Stjørdal and check out their outdoor skatepark. This was filmed in march 2017, but work and lack of motivation kept me from finish the project. So I thought it was time to do so now.

Locallife Photography i Östersund



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