Video & resultat från Damn Am Japan 2018


    Damn Ams Finals are amazing everywhere we go. So what about Japan? Maybe the AMAZINGEST.

    In addition to packing his run with the most insanely difficult tricks, Sora made it easy for the judges by doing it all flawlessly. He also locked up his spot in the Tampa Am Semi-Finals. Sora!

    Resultat: (Fullständiga resultat)
    1. Sora Shirai
    2. Daisuke Ikeda
    3. Yukito Aoki

    Indy Best Trick:
    1. Daisuke Ikeda, Bs 270 Kickflip Lip down the rail
    2. Keyaki Ike, Switch 270 Lip Bigspin out down the rail
    3. Sora Shirai, Blizzard Flip down the double set
    4. Sena Watanabe, Heelflip Fs Board to fakie
    5. Tamano Tatsuma, Kickflip Bs 5-0 down the hubba

    Bronson Speed Killer Award: Taihou Tokura
    Mob G For Effort: Daiki Hoshino




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