Theories Of Atlantis In Chicago


    Åkare: Brett Weinstein, Brendan Carroll, Luke Malaney, Christian Maalouf, Taylor Nawrocki, Steffen Watts, Kevin Coakley, Steve Brandi, Josh Stewart, Pat Steiner, Joey Yates, CJ Kelly & John Baragwanath
    Film & redigering:

    For years we’ve wanted to do a filming trip out to Chicago, but it kept eluding our grasp. The idea that this massive metropolis has been all but forgotten by the skate industry at large meant that it was right up our alley. The incredible skyline and early 20th-century architecture seemed like a perfect backdrop for a Theories project. Then, a couple of years ago a skater from the Chicago scene named Brett Weinstein became part of the Theories squad and beckoned us to head out to the windy city. It finally all came together when we were able to combine efforts and launch a joint filming trip to work on this Theories piece while also filming for the Traffic “Look Left” video. The following edit is what resulted from this trip that was a very long time coming. Enjoy.

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