The Real Neighborhood Pushers


    Åkare: Ricky Geiger, Mike Maldonado, Jeremiah Babb, Brian Douglas, Carl Schmidt, Andrew Edge, Jimmy McDonald & Mark Del Negro med flera

    The word PUSHER is a badge of honor for those of us that love skateboarding. It is defined by the mindset of constantly pushing for more out of our skating and our lives. As skateboarders, we are naturally pushing to find the next fix, that next spot, and the next thing that gives us the feeling of satisfaction that only something like skating can provide.

    We always want more and we always want to achive something better than the last time we stepped on our boards. If you relate to this feeling then you understand us, you understand yourself, we understand each other, and we both understand skateboarding. We are here to change the definition of a word. If you are a skateboarder, than you are a PUSHER. That’s it, plain and simple.

    Going faster since 2008.
    Est: Philadelphia, PA

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