Rough Cut: Trevor McClung – Album


    Åkare: Trevor McClung

    Trevor guides you through the trials and tribulations one must endure to build an incredible video part. Nothing good comes easy…

    Trevor McClung recounts what was going through his mind while filming this monstrous kinked hubba clip for Etnies’ Album.

    Åkare: Trevor McClung, Doogie, Nick Garcia, Koichiro Uehara, Jamie Tancowny, Ryan Lay, Willow, Samarria Brevard, David Reyes, Ryan Sheckler, Matt Berger, Barney Page, Aidan Campbell & Chris Joslin
    Regi: Mike Manzoori

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    Etnies presents ALBUM, a feature-length global skateboarding film documenting some of the biggest names and emerging talents in modern skateboarding as they scour city streets across five different continents – all arranged to an original soundtrack. The concept of the soundtrack for ALBUM was to involve musicians that have been interwoven into the fabric of skateboarding culture for decades and create something original that was inspired by each skater’s style and personality. This film is an ALBUM of moments and a reflection of all the years of dedication that went into the project. It is a time capsule of commitment and an offering of gratitude to skateboarding.

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