Rough Cut: HUF Worldwide Presents // HUF 001


     Televised fights can be entertaining but watching a fist fight in an alleyway has a certain charm to it. This HUF 001 Rough Cut is kinda like watching a dude get smashed in the head with a trash can—in the best possible way.

    Åkare: Matt Gottwig, Brad Cromer, Tyler Bledsoe, Dan Plunkett, Dick Rizzo, Josh Matthews, Joey Pepper, Keegan McCutchen, Brendan Carrol, Bryce Mandel, Carl Aikens, Taylor Nida, Pablo Ramirez, Justin Drysen, Sammy Winter, Austyn Gillette & Jake Anderson
    Redigering: Martin Reigel
    Producent: Ben Kelly

    Sometimes you’ve got to take it back to the beginning. Introducing ‘HUF 001’, a new video featuring the entire HUF skate team.

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