Rough Cut: Ducky Kovacs – Am Scramble


    Åkare: Ducky Kovacs

     Ducky is a human wrecking ball, slamming into massive rails and Hubbas until they bend to his will and crumble. This Rough Cut is savage.

    Åkare: Zion Wright, Jarne Verbruggen, Axel Cruysberghs, Erick Winkowski, Ducky Kovacs, Corey Glick, Mason Silva, Tyson Peterson & Jamie Foy

    The idea was simple: take nine of the best amateur skaters in the world on a good ol’ fashioned American road trip. What we ended up with might be the heaviest 10 days of all time. Watch Jarne, Axel, Erick, Ducky, Glick, Foy, Mason, Tyson and Zion redefine what it means to be a sponsored amateur. This is the first annual Thrasher Am Scramble!



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