RIDE THE TAO: etnies China Tour


    Åkare: Chris Joslin, Nick Garcia, Ryan Lay, Barney Page & Trevor McClung
    Film & redigering: Ryan Sherman
    Övrig filmare: Jameson Decew & Fliper Xie Yuyi

     Nanjing, Xi’an and Changsha, China featuring Chris Joslin, Nick Garcia, Ryan Lay, Barney Page, and Trevor McClung.

    After a 14-hour flight over the Pacific en route to China, the etnies team finally arrived in Nanjing to meet their trusty guides. The crew immediately embarked upon the streets to skate China’s infamous marble landscape in skate spot heaven. The days were filled with jam-packed demos (thanks to the locals!), dodging the rain, Chinese food every night, meat markets, sightseeing Xi’an’s Terracotta Army and tuk tuks whisking us from to and fro. At the end of the day, nobody dared to try the chicken feet, but Barney did, unsurprisingly, lose his phone. Watch the 15-minute video as it takes you on the team’s journey through China!

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