Pro-Tec på Vans Pool Party 2017


    Åkare: Cory Juneau, Kiko Francisco, Christian Hosoi, Bucky Lasek, Steve Caballero & Tom Schaar

    Finals at the Pool Party were absolute madness this year! Huge congrats to Pro-Tec Legend Steve Caballero on his win in the Legends division, and Pro-Tec rider Tom Schaar for taking first in the Pro division. Well deserved!

    The annual Combi pool showdown in Southern California is always a barnburner. Congrats to Tom Schaar for taking home the top spot. Enjoy the highlights!

    Vans Pool Party is one of the best contests of the year and has been for over a decade. The energy and level it goes to is unmatched. No other contest gives you 12 year olds to fifty year olds ripping it up and keeping the crowd stoked for hours.

    1. Tom Schaar
    2. Cory Juneau
    3. Clay Kreiner

    1. Andy McDonald
    2. Chad Shetler
    3. Lincoln Ueda

    1. Steve Caballero
    2. Lance Mountain
    3. Tony Magnusson

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