Nytt shreddande från Too Hard crewet


    Åkare: Danyale Patterson
    Filmare: Parrish Isaacs, John Rapinac, Erik Olsen, Dan Pergin, Nick Neeson, Nora Beck, Kaylie Hendricks, Casey Pflipsen, Katie Kloes, Jamal Awadallah & Kai Ujetski

    This is Danyale Patterson aka Jibgurl420 2017/2018 part. Thank you Dimito, Gnu, Vans, Union, Howl, Outdoor tech, Kaylie Hendricks, Nora Beck, Nate Blomquist, snowboarder magazine and Trollhaugen.

    Åkare: Nora Beck
    Filmare: Nick Neeson, Danyle Patterson, Dan Perrin, Jamal Awadallah & Erik Olsen

    Nora Beck’s 17/18 part. Thank you to Jordan Demoss, Will Dennis, James Nicol, Darrel Mathes, Joe Sexton, Neev Zaiet, Kevin Porterfield, Pat O’conner, Mom, and anyone who’s couch I slept on this year.

    Åkare: Danyale Patterson, Nora Beck, Kayli Hendricks, Hannah Peterson, Alexis Roland & Katie Kloes
    Filmare: Parrish Isaacs, Erik Olsen & Nick Neeson

    B footy and park footy from our 2nd trip to Minnesota in 2018

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