Nostalgimåndag: The L.A. Boys extras | The Fully Flared Connection


    The writing was on the wall: Guy Mariano, Rudy Johnson, Paulo Diaz, and Gabriel Martinez were repping their ‘hood in their “Ban This” section, and they found a clever way to shout out their boys in the intro. In this exclusive extra from Colin Kennedy’s “The L.A. Boys,” we learn about a strange connection the influential Powell-Peralta video has with Lakai’s 2007 “Fully Flared.”

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    Medverkande: Stacy Peralta, Guy Mariano, Rudy Johnson, Gabriel Rodríguez, Paulo Diaz, Lance Mountain, Tony Hawk, Ray Barbee, Diego Johnson, Fabian Alomar, Joey Suriel, Billy Valdes, Peter McKeon, Oji Nuri, Chuck Treece, Gerry Hurtado & Eric Koston
    Regissör: Colin Kennedy
    Producenter: The Berrics, Colin Kennedy, Steve Berra & Eric Koston

    In 1989, street skating became a major force within skateboarding and was poised to usurp the ramp, pool, and skatepark disciplines that preceded it. Enter Gabriel Rodriguez, Paulo Diaz, Rudy Johnson and Guy Mariano; four teenage friends from Los Angeles, who through a chance encounter with “Bones Brigade” mastermind Stacy Peralta, went from unknowns to some of the most influential street skaters of all time. The L.A. Boys is a firsthand account of the events that led to their fateful meeting with Stacy and the subsequent ground breaking video segment they would create together for the 1989 Powell Peralta classic, “Ban This”. Filled with incredible, never before seen archival footage as well as cameos and anecdotes from some of skateboarding’s most beloved figures, The L.A. Boys is a touching look back at a pivotal moment in skateboarding history.