Nostalgimåndag: Shortys – Fulfill The Dream – Unseen Footage


    Åkare: Chad Muska, Peter Smolik, Sammy Baptista, Steve Olson, Aaron Snyder, Jesse Silvey, Brandon Turner & Toan Nguyen
    Film & redigering: Erik Hatch

    While browsing SLAP a while back we came across a rare upload from the filmer Erik Hatch, featuring a footage dump from the early ’90s contest, Pow Wow at Powell II. In his 50+ minute video, Erik captured super techy runs from young Ray Barbee, Kareem Campbell, Eric Koston, Mike Carroll, Jason Lee, Ed Templeton, and tons more.

    We noticed Erik was sitting on a goldmine of b-sides and rough cuts in his YouTube channel, so we reached out to see if he could dig us up something special.

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