Miniramps-paradis i IOU´s lagerlokal – 7 meter upp i luften


    Åkare: Jaakko Ojanen, Philipp Schuster, Mason Merlino & George Poole

    Fürstenzell in Bavaria, Germany, is home to the production centre of Europe’s premiere ramp builder, IOU Ramps.

    Chances are that if you have ever skated a wooden park in mainland Europe in the last 2 decades, you have appreciated the handiwork of Andreas ‘Schützi’ Schützenberger. From the streetcourse at the much-missed European Skateboard Championships to the Oslo Skate Hall, there is barely a wooden construction worth the name which hasn’t been touched by the hand of what we can acknowledge here as a master craftsman in the realm of wooden skateboarding structures.

    What is less known about IOU’s idea incubator, is that for the pleasure of the crew and to keep the reason for IOU’s existence always in the foreground of their minds, they have built a perfect mini ramp suspended from the ceiling 7 metres off the ground in there.

    You can see where this is going.
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