Kortfilm: HDeepfried inkl leftovers


    Åkare: Jeff Carlyle, Eddie Cernicky, Zack Krull, Matt Militano, Eric Chung, Roger Krebs, Stevie Perez, Jordan McCollough, Dustin Partridge, Joogy mac, Davis Garvey, Jamal Gibbs, Sam Meaney, Jesse Vieira, Neil Norg, Taylor Smith, Shayan Ghahani, Marshall Manuel, Tristan Funkhouser, Austin Schultz, Matt Finley, Max Taylor, Andrew Torralvo & Martin Fimbres
    En film av: Cody Thompson

    There’s some footy from Southern California, but this vid is mostly a celebration of the concrete playground we call San Francisco. This is one of the best things you’ll watch all year.



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