Fullparts: Vincent Milou & Adrien Bulard – Fransmännen ger El Toro en match


    Film & redigering: Julien Dellion

    Fresh after Tampa Am last year, Vincent had his heart and mind set to kickflip frontside lipslide the Hollywood 16. Witnessing that in person was flat out jaw-dropping! That pretty much ignited him into filming this part within five to six months. In between juggling a hectic schedule spanning Tampa Am, Phoenix Am, European contests, touring, and qualifying for the coveted 2018 Street League Tour; Vincent was able to accomplish this video part filming in San Diego, Los Angeles, France, Spain and Mexicali. Noon:30 is what Vincent would say for 12:30, coincidentally that would be the time we hit up the street spots. It was an inside joke that turned into motivation to make all this happen.

    Ending out this summer with the Dew Tour, Street League, and the summer X-Games, he’s certainly not just some contest guy—Vincent truly loves to get dirty in the streets. He’s dedicated a whole lot into this in such a short amount of time, and with this final edit coming out I’m looking forward to seeing what he comes up with next. I’m proud of you Vincent, you have a great head on shoulders! It’s just the beginning for this guy.—Willy Santos

    Jart Skateboards’ Adrien Bulard put it down for this part. You’ve heard about the backside tailslide down El Toro, but check out all the other gnarly bangers he got.

    This one didn’t come easy. Adrien Bulard battled this mother of all backside tailslides for over an hour, taking a head-busting slam that sent blood spilling down his face. He broke his board and had to borrow Jorge Simoes’. In the end, he rolled away from a flawless back tail to straight!



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