Fullpart: Leo Gutman 2017


    Åkare: Leo Gutman
    Filmare: Dmitry Brylev
    Redigering: Leo Gutman
    Övriga filmare: Arrie Vissers, Ricardo Napoli, Jacob Ireland, Angel Delgado, Nick Wnorowski, Alex Raspa, Dylan Nieves, Patrick Gölz & Alejandro Laplace

    Footage taken from various Blobys videos, Karl Salah’s instagram, Nozbone’s Café Clope, Rack and Ben Chadourne’s Source videos. Remix by our boy Sneep.

    Our friend Colin Read emailed us recently about one of his mates, Leo Gutman. Colin told us that Leo was a big fan of Free and what we do.

    In Leo’s own words: ‘The style of the European skaters and the parts you have exclusively (Michael Brunner was the favorite) put out inspire me a lot.’ Also Leo said he has a new video part he’d be hyped to have featured on Free. We were familiar with Leo from Spirit Quest and various NYC edits so of course we obliged. Cheers for the support Leo and watch his new part everybody!




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