Fullängdsfilm: Converse Cons – Purple


    Åkare: Bobby De Keyzer, Sage Elsesser, Kenny Anderson, Kevin Rodrigues, Mike Anderson, Aaron Herrington, Zered Bassett, Eli Reed, Brian Delatorre, Al Davis, Sammy Baca, Raney Beres, Milton Martinez, Tom Remillard, Sean Pablo, Louie Lopez, Jake Johnson & Jason Jesse Gäståkare: Paul Grund, Danny Montoya, Corey Duffel, Roman Gonzalez, Dane Barker, Frank Gerwer, Andrew Brophy, Dolan Stearns, Tommy Guerrero, Remy Taveira, Sean Greene, Darren Navarette, Rob Welsh, Elissa Steamer, Chris Haslam & Greyson Fletcher
    Film & redigering: Benjamin Chadourne

     The full-length project has found its way to the endangered-species list, but this video demonstrates why they are of the utmost importance. This is a masterpiece. Clear your schedule and dive in.

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