Chaz Ortiz – Hefe at Hefe


    Åkare: Chaz Ortiz, Gavin Nolan, Andre Colbert & Daniel Scales
    Film & redigering: Tom Gorelik

    I’ve always wanted to visit Chicago but never had the means or a reason to do so. Fortunately, I’m boys with Chaz and he’s been talking about putting together a Chicago-only part. After some text messages back and forth, I find myself at O’Hare airport a few days later on a warm Saturday morning and Chaz is picking me up in his new truck blasting Lil Pump. Next thing I know, about a week has passed and my sleepless self is at the airport heading back to New York with a hard drive full of footage from him and a few Zoo York dudes that had also come into town to make this edit happen. Time really flies when you’re having fun.—Tom Gorelik

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