Bru-Ray: Atlanta Slamma


    Åkare: Kyle Walker, Tommy Sandoval, Matt Schlager, Pat McLain, Cyril Jackson, Ducky Kovacs, Zion Wright, Hermann Stene, Pedro Delfino, Yoshi Tanenbaum, Poohrail, Paul Hart, Enzo Cautela, Kevin Romar, Trevor Colden, Dashawn Jordan, Reggie Kelly, Chino Henry, Sethtafari, Kevin Radley & Nick Merlino

    You’ve seen Bust or Bail from a million angles, but you haven’t seen it through the lens of P-Stone! Thanks again ATL.

    Hightailing it outta California, we brought Bust or Bail to the Southern concrete of Atlanta’s infamous 5 block. Destruction and carnage ensued! Big thanks to all the homies at Stratosphere and everyone that came out to witness the madness. Until next time…