Bronson Speed Co utökar teamet i en aldrig sinande ström


    Åkare: Lacey Baker & Samarria Brevard

    Proudly Welcoming Lacey Baker, and Samarria Brevard to the Next Generation Bearings Team with some clips in the streets and parks of NYC. Welcome To The Team, Samarria and Lacey!

    Åkare: Tyson Peterson

    Tyson Peterson is officially a member of the Next Generation Bearings Team. How’s that quick escape route? Welcome To The Team, Tyson!

    Åkare: Zachary “Ducky” Kovacs

    The Newest addition to the Next Generation Bearings Team–Ducky’s been on a tear & we’re proud to have him on the squad! Here’s a few quick clips of Ducky’s recent accomplishments.

    Åkare: Ryan Townley

    Bronson Speed Co. is Proud to Welcome Ryan Townley to the Next Generation Team! Townley’s speed and unique approach speaks for itself… Welcome to the Team, Ryan!

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