Battle at the Berrics X: Sean Malto vs Louie Lopez & Moose vs Trent McClung


    Åkare: Sean Malto & Louie Lopez

    Malto has competed in four previous BATBs, but has yet to make it past the first round. He had to battle Donovan Strain in a widely publicized grudge match a few days ago to even participate in today’s match. This is Louie’s second go-round (previously facing off against Shane O’Neill in BATB 8).

    Åkare: Moose & Trent McClung

    Trent and Moose are officially members of the “Five Timer’s Club,” having both debuted in BATB V “Civil War” and competing consistently each consecutive year (except for BATB 9 “New Blood”). This year, can McClung mctake it all? Or, will Moose have the juice?

    The tenth season of BATB is here, and it will be the best one yet… literally.

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