30 Minuter med Nyjah Huston i The Berrics


    Åkare: Nyjah Huston

    The following footage from Nyjah Huston’s wear test was filmed in a half hour. We shit you not.

    Åkare: Nyjah Huston plus Guy Mariano, Eric Koston & Antonio Durao

    Nike SB invited a bunch of local shop riders to The Berrics to try out the Nyjah Free and eat Pizzanista. Nyjah Huston was here doing a little post-“‘Til Death” victory lap (1MM views and counting!), with special guests Guy Mariano, Eric Koston, and Antonio Durao. There was definitely 360 degrees of grip going on… and that was just for the pizza!

    Behind the design journey of Nyjah’s first Nike SB signature shoe, The Nyjah. Nyjah’s first Nike SB signature model, The Nyjah, is now available at local skate shops.

    Snapping a fakie ollie into something this big is bonafide danger, so we rewarded Nyjah’s valor with an appearance on the cover.

    Filmare: Ty Evans, Kevin Denning & Mike Poore
    Övriga filmare: Alex Kissinger, Cleigh Reed, Justice Ott, Massimo Legittimo, Nick Tamburro & Ryan Lee
    Redigering: Ty Evans & Cleigh Reed
    Motion Graphics: Matt Henry

    ‘Til Death. Nyjah’s vow to skateboarding. Renewed.

    Shop Nyjah’s first Nike SB signature model, The Nyjah, at local skate shops and NikeSB.com Thursday, March 1. Learn more: gonike.me/nyjah-huston

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