Kalle Berglind & Co – Sydney Sessions

För ett tag sedan var Kalle Berglind i Australien för att tävla i Vans Park Series, här får vi nu i en video följa med ut på Sydneys gator och diverse parker för lite rippande med Kalle Berglind tillsammans med Bjørn Lillesøe, Danny León, Mikey Mendoza, Vincent Matheron och Alex Sorgente.


Åkare: Karl Berglind, Bjørn Lillesøe, Danny León, Mikey Mendoza, Vincent Matheron & Alex Sorgente

It’s sometimes said that skateboarding is the hardest game in the world. Whether or not that’s true is a matter for debate, but let’s start with what we can prove: it hurts a lot, and there are times when you are better than others.

Skaters at the absolute top of their talent know to get the most out of it while muscle memory and lady luck are on their side, so when a squad of our riders found themselves at a loose end after the recent Vans Park Series in Sydney, Australia, they made the most of the convergence of circumstance and energy to go on a ripping mission across all the spots their wheels could take them.



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