Josef Scott Jatta med flera gästar Bam Margeras comeback part

Du har väl vid det här laget knappast missat att Bam Margera är tillbaks på brädan efter ett gäng års frånvaro. Här får vi nu i en 10-minuters edit följa med till Spanien där han under årets lopp hittade tillbaks på brädan. Gästar gör bland andra Josef Scott Jatta & Gustav Tønnesen från Sour Skateboards.


Åkare: Bam Margera

After some needed personal health time in Estonia, Bam embarks on an extended skate trip to Spain. Joined by new friends and old he rediscovers the very thing he had been separated from for the past few years…

One year ago fat, drunk and miserable. Novak and his sobriety got me better. Thank you.

No doubt about it, Bam Margera is a huge part of Element’s history. Bam’s natural talent on a board and larger-than-life personality thrust him into the spotlight at a young age, making him one of the most popular and fun-to-watch skateboarders in the world.

He channeled that same charisma into hilarious pranks, jokes, and on-screen antics in the CKY videos, Jackass, and Viva La Bam. As Bam’s media career took off, millions of people around the world were exposed to skateboarding for the first time – inspiring an entire generation of kids to go skate.

We’re so happy to celebrate our 25th Anniversary together with a limited re-release of some of his all-time best graphics. Welcome back Bam.



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