Japanskt puder med BYND X MDLS – Del 1

BYND x MDLS med Tor Lundström och Kevin Bäckström i spetsen är tillbaks. Här bjuds vi på första editen för säsongen med härligt japanskt puder och parkshreddande i Laax. Härligt pepp inför deras nya kommande fullängdare The Future of Yesterday som kommer i höst.


Åkare: Tor Lundström, Sebbe De Buck, Kevin Bäckström, Ulrik Badertscher & Halldor Helgason
Theo Muse
Övriga filmare: Lucas Blume & Jono Verity

With one week left for the Olympics, it couldn’t be better timing for BYND x MDLS to come back baby! Just about the polar opposite of the organized comp going on in South Korea, (read about their start here) BYND MDLS tosses judgement and rules aside to focus just on wildly talented snowboarding and the wildly talented humans strapped in to those said snowboards. Dropping all their B footage in these episodes throughout the season, Kevin, Tor, and the BYND X MDLS crew are currently filming for their new movie, The Future of Yesterday, set to release this upcoming fall.

We aren’t exactly sure all where these guys ended up for this new season of BYND x MDLS, but we do know that they are ripping on screen no matter where the snow is. Episode 1 highlights an all-time crew tearing through LAAX and Japan featuring Tor Lundstrom, Sebbe De Buck, Kevin Backtrom, Ulrik Baderstscher, and Halldor Helgason with cameos from Stale Sandbech, Nicolas Muller, and more! Be on the lookout for the next episode soon!



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